Impact South Sudan

July-December 2018

LaurenImpact South Sudan, July-December 2017


Impact South Sudan focuses on supporting the vulnerable and displaced. South Sudan is a country that is currently experiencing immense challenges. The civil war has taken its toll on civilians and the infrastructure of the country. Over 1 million South Sudanese have fled their country to seek safety in surrounding countries. This has left farms unattended and food insecurity is a large threat to much of the country.

Despite this, there is a resilience among the South Sudanese to continue to work for peace and transformational development. iTeams Canada is proud to partner with programs and South Sudanese leaders who work hard to empower teachers, improve educational quality, and protect at-risk children.

Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) faithfully operates in Juba as a response to these adverse conditions and seeks to protect, nurture, and empower the most vulnerable of society. These include women and children at risk of gender based violence as well as children on the streets. In light of this ongoing conflict, the work of Impact South Sudan – CCC remains essential as well as part of a larger vision for a peaceful and more prosperous South Sudan.

International Teams also continues to be a key partner of Emmanuel Christian College (ECC). In the upcoming year, ECC hopes to continue to strengthen its already existing partnerships while expanding to create partnerships with other like-minded organizations both in South Sudan and abroad.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC)

South Sudan currently finds itself in recovery of some local turmoil. The ramifications of the most recent violent conflict which erupted in December 2013 continues to dictate the reality of the majority of South Sudanese. Children are no exception and continue to be some of the most vulnerable in the heart of this protracted crisis. The lack of nutrition, safety, and education are just some of the elements which have stolen the childhoods of an estimated 50% of South Sudanese children. Millions of children have been forced to flee their homes millions more are severely food insecure according to UNICEF’s report on South Sudan.

A qualified teacher was hired to coach the kids with school homework. Ten of the children got first place in their final exams, which was a tremendous improvement! 

We had a visit from Elgar Nieuwenhuis, who is a friend to the children at CCC and provides food parcels each year to the vulnerable community.  

We have provided training to all 40 staff at CCC on our Human Resources Policy, Financial Policy, and Anti-Corruption / Whistle Blower Policy. 

CCC supports several girls attending boarding school in Uganda. The students and iTeams Canada work together to find funding in order to cover school costs.

South Sudan Educational Development

Despite the continued state of insecurity and uncertainty, ECC has continued in its mission to educate South Sudan’s present and future leaders. As the academic year came to a close in December, ECC celebrated the graduation of 208 students. This included 75 from the 2016 academic year who were unable to graduate earlier due to safety issues. Going into the 2018 school year there will be 139 college students, in 12 different certificate and diploma programs, continuing their studies. The Emmanuel Christian Academy (ECA) had 387 young pupils enrolled this past year with all 18 candidates able to successfully pass their primary leaving exams in Yei. 

The ECC campus has not only been a space for education and growth to occur in the midst of crisis, but it has also been a place of refuge for those desperate to escape the violence. For both the staff as well as the 2876 displaced people who are currently calling the Goli campus home, it remains the safest place for them to be. Farming production also has continued on with 70 bags of maize being harvested, packed, and stored over the course of the year. Their livestock of cows and pigs are all healthy and multiple calves and piglets have been born. With the hyperinflation of the economy resulting in the price of food skyrocketing, being able to produce crops and livestock has become invaluable. ECC also runs a clinic in Goli for those in the community who have medical needs. In 2017, the clinic aided over 21000 patients. It is currently the only operating medical clinic in the region aside from one in Yei.

Stories of Transformation


Awatif is a 12-year-old girl who was brought to CCC for child protection issues. On arrival, she was very withdrawn and shy. After settling in, she was able to tell us the true story of her life: she was involved with a gang in her residential area. She quit the group (known as the “Torontos”) and now they are after her. She is living in hiding. She had no choice but to flee for her life.

Since her stay at CCC, Awatif has recovered from some of the trauma she encountered, has asked to go to school, and is very helpful to the young ones and the Aunties who run CCC.  She is very focused on getting an education. 


Annet is a remarkable woman of perseverance and courage. She is a wife and mother of 18 month old Emmaly, and a graduate of the ECC Education Program (2013). After graduation, Annet became part of the ECC faculty. Over the past 5 years Annet has played an integral role in the Education Department through her teaching, administrative duties and student care. The goal of ECC has always been to move towards self-sustainability and to hire ECC graduates to teach the courses within in the program. This goal was reached when Annet, who obtained her Bachelor of Education degree this year, took over the Educational Assessment course that Program Champion, Melodie, had been teaching for the past 6 years. She brought her class through the course material with great effectiveness and compassion for each of her students. Every one of Annet’s students passed the course with flying colours.

Last year Annet co-taught the Educational Assessment course with Melodie and this year she took it over completely. She carried the class so smoothly through the course and all her students ended the course with A’s and B’s. She’s going to continue to do a fabulous job moving her future students forward!