Impact Haiti

July-December 2018

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Haiti’s brutal history of colonization, slavery, and exploitation has traumatized its people and created a culture of authoritarian leadership that all too often results in the abuse of power and a scarcity mindset. The abuse of power stifles the positive evolution of institutions: families, organizations, businesses, government. Leaders that abuse power create and perpetuate conditions that inhibit people from growing, innovating, and discovering their potential.

Impact Haiti partners with DAI-Haiti to support Micah Scholars and offer a Masters in Organizational Leadership degree to emerging Haitian leaders. Drawing from Micah 6:8, Micah Scholars is developing a new generation of pastors and leaders who do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God. In partnership with three Haitian seminaries, we’re providing young leaders with full scholarships to seek a Bachelor of Divinity degree.

Through monthly workshops, they acquire leadership skills, and in quarterly retreats with international church leaders, they connect with the global movement of the Church. By working alongside Development Associates International (DAI) we are able to introduce new graduate level program in these seminaries so that Haitians are equipped with all the skills required to transform their own communities.

Detailed Implementation Plan

This year, we successfully launched our partnership with DAI (Development Associates International), a Christian organization that has been serving around the world for more than 20 years. Collaborating allows us to add to one another’s skills and programming in Haiti — like additional grassroots training materials for pastors and a master’s degree in organizational leadership that is being offered in 31 countries.

The first cohort of the Master of Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program is up and running with 30 students! With over 50 applicants for 30 spots to the new Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership program, we have learned that there is a need for high level education in Haiti and there is potential for growth of this program.

The Micah Scholars have continued to spearhead an initiative of setting up and promoting Savings and Credit Groups in churches. Collectively by the spring of 2018 there were 85 churches with over 1500 participants involved in these groups. Overall they have saved over $145,000 CAD and extended $60,000 CAD in credit to their participants. Each Savings and Credits Group also sets up a benevolence fund and uses this money to implement ideas they have learned from the different trainings that the Micah Scholars have offered. Impact Haiti has learned that when the churches have their own funds available to support women’s rights, children’s rights, and creation care there is a much higher desire for learning the curriculums offered and ownership of the actions taken. 

In November, we hosted a training seminar on Child Protection and Development for 2285 leaders in 121 churches in Haiti, which enabled leaders to better care for the children in their communities 

Stories of Transformation

Emmanuel Pierre is the kind of leader who empowers others and demonstrates integrity and a sense of responsibility. He is very interested in working with children in churches and the community to reduce their vulnerability to sexual exploitation. As one of the coordinators of DAI, he works tirelessly to reduce poverty in his local area. 

DAI uses mentoring relationships in their programming, which really allows for new leaders to emerge and strong relationships to be built. This has allowed for individuals to be impacted and have opportunity for personal growth and to impact those around them. Emmanuel is one of those leaders and we are so thankful for him!