Impact Zambia

July-December 2018

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Impact Zambia was established in 2012 with a vision of working in partnership with indigenous leaders to help some of the poorest communities in rural areas of southwestern Zambia. Its primary ministries are operated through New Life Tabernacle (founded in 1994 and headquartered in Itezhi-Tezhi, Zambia) and its 20+ branch churches.

Impact Zambia’s first project was to build a facility that doubled up as an office and school on the site of the Itezhi-tezhi church, and to build new church buildings in Mumbwa and Namwala. Through partnerships with Canadian and South African churches, the Share Your Knowledge program, Rotary International, and International Teams Canada, they have since expanded their programs to include community development initiatives designed to break the cycle of poverty through education and vocational training.

New Life Tabernacle Church is very ingrained in the community of Itezhi-Tezhi. Pastor Daniel Mayapi has strong connections with many different NGOs, government officials, and businesses in the area. These connections, along with a widely-listened-to radio show run by New Life Tabernacle (NLT), have worked to solidify the church’s prevalence in the region. Virtually everyone in Itezhi-Tezhi and the surrounding areas know of Daniel and Florence Mayapi and the good work that they are doing.

The local community is experiencing economic pressure, which has increased some of our expenses, such as fuel and material and labour costs. Prices can fluctuate badly because of the economy – even labour.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Even before construction on the training centre began in 2013, it has carried the hope of being a multi-purpose space which can be utilized by the community for the training of vocational and church leadership skills.  It is now at a point where the centre can be promoted for use by the community. The current priority is construction of a kitchen. (As we get more people at the training center, we are experiencing more challenges on meeting dietary requirements.)

Within the completed parts of the training centre, Impact Zambia continues to run the Share Your Knowledge program. Through this program, local women can learn a variety of sewing, quilting, and business skills in order to make a living and in turn provide for their families.

The sewing program did work for a Chinese company who needed duvets and curtains for a guest house they had, as well as uniforms for their staff. This impacted the program because the program will be recognized for the work they did for the Chinese company. Now the program sewers are being hired!

Stories of Transformation

Emmanuel and Olivia Kangombe were participants in Impact Zambia’s Share Your Knowledge program last year. Emmanuel trained in carpentry and Olivia in sewing alterations. Using their new skills to make and sell goods, Emmanuel and Olivia were able to set aside enough money for Olivia to return to school. Working as hard in her studies as in her business, she passed her grade 9 examinations and is continuing with grade 10.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel has invested in advancing his skills and growing his business. He now has a suite of electrical carpentry – and welding! – tools that he is competent in, in addition to the hand-tools he received as part of his Impact Zambia training.

This financial security for them and their family frees up their energy so that they can continue to contribute to the larger community. They are actively involved in New Life Tabernacle Church, where they support its vital role in supporting and uplifting the community in Itezhi-Tezhi.

We thank the Lord for how He uses the Impact Zambia Training Centre to advance His Kingdom. We pray you also experience His generosity and blessing in return for your support of Impact Zambia.

Partnership Community

An Impact Team visited in July. We have also been grateful for fundraising efforts from our partners, including a live auction and dinner fundraiser, and a Christmas market, both in November 2018.