Impact Kenya Shangilia

July-December 2018

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Impact Kenya-Shangilia partners with Shangilia Children’s Home to care for orphaned and underprivileged children in the Kisumu area, Kenya. Shangilia Children’s Home, in Vihiga County in Western Province, supports over 60 children, aged 0-18 years.

At Shangilia, children receive holistic care that includes their basic needs and a safe environment to play and develop. For the many children who have been abandoned or orphaned, Shangilia substitutes the parental role by providing emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial support, equipping children with the tools, knowledge, and emotional stability to live a life of opportunity and hope.

Impact Kenya-Shangilia also partners with King’s Highway School which is a Christian day school located in the nearby city of Eldoret.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Shangilia means “Rejoice” or “Praise” in English and these children have a lot of joy in their lives! This home is a beautiful place where 47 children receive shelter, a family environment, school fees, good food, and care from professional social workers. Another 20 children from impoverished homes nearby also receive school fees and food through Shangilia. One of the future goals that Shangilia Children’s Home has is to start a scholarship and mentoring program so that these children can be set up for a life of success and prosperity after they leave the home!

Impact Kenya-Shangilia is continuously working on activities to see Vihiga sub-county become a region where marginalized children and social structures are transformed by the power of God into a community where people thrive spiritually, physically, economically and socially.

  • Provide salaries for staff at the Shangilia Children’s Home and for those involved in the Fanikiwa project
  • Education for children’s school fees and for post-secondary students
  • Food for the children at the Shangilia Children’s Home
  • Spiritual growth and discipleship activities at the Shangilia Children’s Home
  • Health and medical expenses for the children in the Shangilia Children’s Home
  • Local transportation costs in Kenya
  • Utilities, facility maintenance, and communication expenses at the Shangilia Children’s Home
  • Hospitality related expenses for hosting visitors at the Shangilia Children’s Home
  • A benevolence fund to help vulnerable people connected with the Shangilia or Fanikiwa projects
  • Administration expenses in Kenya, this includes bank charges and consulting fees.

Shangilia has been undertaking some landscaping around the boy’s dormitories and dining hall. This has been done to protect the buildings from damage due to rain water, as well as make the surrounding living environment look neat and tidy. The introduction of laptop computers has also help improve computer skills.

Looking Forward

There are a number of projects taking place at Shangilia to improve the quality of living standards. There are plans to harvest more rain water with guttering to be installed on the dining hall and dormitories which will flow into water tanks. There is also a need for repairs/renovations to the girls dormitory and sewage system which is experiencing a leak. As funding allows, there is also the desire to build fences/gates around the dining hall and dormitories for added security.

Stories of Transformation

Nehema was born in the midst of the AIDS crisis in Western Kenya. Her father, who had two wives and as well as many other partners, contracted HIV and spread the disease to Nehema’s mother and stepmother. When Nehema was only 8 years old, all of her parents passed away within a short period of time.

Nehema was one of the first children to join Shangilia Children’s Home and grow up in this place. Throughout her time in the home she worked hard at school, mentored younger children, and became a leader among the youth. Today Nehema has her own family. She and Alex (the manager at Shangilia Children’s Home) were married in 2017 and have a baby of their own. Nehema and Alex are also fostering a young boy named Brian who lives at the home.

Nehema wants to promote a culture of fostering and adoption in Kenya and is leading by example. In October 2018, Nehema graduated from a university program in Hotel Management. She has already been using her skills and knowledge to make Shangilia the best place for a child to grow up and we are excited as to how she will be able to use this knowledge in the future. Nehema’s story is a testimony of what a transformed life looks like!

Partnership Community

Francis Ranogwa attended the African Leadership Summit hosted by Impact Kenya-PACE.

At the end of 2018, we hosted our second annual “non-banquet” fundraiser – the idea being centered around donating to the program without actually having to take time to attend an event. This non-event raised $4450.00!