Impact Ecuador

July-December 2018

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Impact Ecuador supports the ongoing ministry of Carmen Bajo Church to serve the people of Carmen Bajo, a marginalized neighbourhood in Quito, Ecuador. The community struggles with high levels of teenage pregnancy, dysfunctional families, poverty, child mistreatment, malnourishment, and alcoholism.

Carmen Bajo Church meets both the spiritual and practical needs of the community through three main projects: a children’s nutrition and tutoring centre that assists hundreds of children, the construction of a new church facility to better serve the community, and a post-secondary scholarship initiative. Impact Ecuador is making a difference by reaching individuals, families, and generations of people in Carmen Bajo. The community faces many challenges, but there is much hope!

Detailed Implementation Plan

Church Construction 

There was a big push on finishing the first 3 floors of the building this year.  They made great progress! They have finished all of the infrastructure, electricity throughout the whole building, the kitchen area, doors, and security cameras, among other things.

Children’s Centre

Approximately 120-140 children attend each day and another 50-70 attend the church’s kids club which is held on Saturdays at the new church building. 


We continued to support 10 students in the scholarship program for the most recent. 

Looking Forward

Over the next few months, we hope to expand the scholarship program to include more recipients. 

Stories of Transformation

Carolina grew up with 5 sisters and never knew her father. She got to know the ministry of the Carmen Bajo church through her sister, who has been part of the Compassion ministry for the past couple of years. Carolina says that this has been one of the greatest experiences of her life. Thanks to the ministry, she now describes herself as a new daughter of God.  She didn’t grow up with a father, so now she is learning to see God as her father and she is learning to overcome many of the problems of her past.

Carolina has been learning and growing and in November she started working in the Children’s Centre. The leaders have been amazed at her dedication. In March of this year she will take over as secretary of the program. She would love to study in post-secondary education in the future.

Partnership Community

Pastor Fabian reconnected with a pilot from KLM airline. They have a charitable organization called Wings of Support. They expressed interest in supporting some particular projects (e.g., adding insulation and heating to the kids area of the new building). We are working on getting quotes to send to the organization.