Impact Kenya-PACE

January-June 2018

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Impact Kenya-PACE (Pan African Christian Exchange) is a program located in Nyahururu, central Kenya that offers education that is affordable and integrated and available to all – orphans, street children, and those from marginalized tribes are mixed with those from poor, middle and rich families.

Impact Kenya-PACE also supports a wide variety of community development projects in Nyahururu District in central Kenya, working in partnership with pastors and indigenous leaders to serve orphans, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s), street children, widows, single mothers, and neglected seniors.

The main PACE compound houses a Nursery School, the Academy (grades 1-7), High School, the Vocational College, and PAST (Pan African School of Theology). PACE is also one of the few organizations in this area that also focuses on locally supported national compassion outreach, and holds an annual Leadership Summit with attendees from across the globe.

Detailed Implementation Plan

iTeams Canada partners with Kenya-PACE in a variety of areas including the Academy, High School and the Pan African School of Theology (PAST). In PACE’s schools there are currently 196 students from nursery school to high school. These students come from 8 African nations including Kenya while 13 of Kenya’s 42 tribes are also represented. Additionally, there are 24 full-time employed teachers and 8 support staff. There are 34 PAST students in Kenya and 30 in Uganda.

At the Academy, students continue to be taught a variety of subjects. They are fed daily and have extra curricular opportunities including art and music.

Though enrollment is down slightly, teachers are better resourced. Academic quality and capacity building with teachers has been emphasized.

The focus in the high school is to integrate the vocation college into high school classes. This year computer classes and home economics has been added. Next year we hope to add woodworking and mechanics.

During the Easter season, students performed skits, songs, spoken word in praise for Resurrection Sunday.

The Pan-African School of Theology (PAST) continues to grow and the goal of expanding PAST throughout the East Africa region remains positive and ongoing.


  • Our Uganda partnership with Ben and Sam, running at capacity. Well taught and well led.
  • In the next six months we are looking to open two centres, one in a community of South Sudan refugees in Northern Uganda and another within a community in Congo.
  • There are currently 5 operating centres in Kenya and we want to continue to strengthen and ensure they are running well.

In 2012 the first African Leadership was held at PACE. The summit’s vision is to encourage and develop African leadership primarily – but no exclusively – in the local church. After the 2016 summit, it became clear that mini-summits would benefit African Leaders. So Women in Leadership, Youth in Leadership and Ministry Couples were developed.

In February 2018 the Women in Leadership mini-summit was held at PACE. It was a great four days of speakers, small group sessions and testimonies. The time was formative and encouraging for all in attendance. The theme was a focus on “…for such a time as this”, listening to God as He calls us to face the change and challenge of such as a time as this.

In June 2018 the Youth in Leadership mini-summit was held focusing on the practice of Coram Deo, meaning to live one’s entire life in the presence of God, under the authority of God and to the glory of God.

Looking Forward

Over the next six months the schools will continue to run until graduation in October.

The African Leadership Summit, which has occurred annually since 2012, was cancelled last October due to the uncertainty of Kenya’s political climate after the presidential elections. The Summit continues to be highly valued event and it is scheduled for October 2018.

In September PAST Teacher training is being planned as well as a Couples in Ministry mini-summit for November.

Stories of Transformation

Joseph Waweru Gatoni is from Kenya. This spring he participated in a Youth in Leadership Summit at PACE from May 29 – June 1, where he shared part of his story. He shared “I was born again about two years ago at the Happy Church Ministries International. Before that I lived a rough life. I was into drugs and alcohol. One day I heard a voice say, “You need to stop! This is enough.” It took a long time, but I was led to this church and all my burdens were taken away. I had a strong call to be in ministry. I got the role of youth leader in church, and through conferences and meetings my desire to know how things work deepend. God led me to Pan African School of Theology (PAST) to further stretch my understanding of the Word, so as to live by the will of God in everyday life. God opened the door.”

Partnership Community

Long-term iTeams Canada volunteer, Carla Helmuth, continues to serve in the library until a local person can be hired.

Pastor Wachira was in Canada in June for a visit to the iTeams office and to visit some partner churches. It was a great time of reconnecting and planning together for the next year.