Impact Burkina Faso – CFPC

January-June 2018

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CFPC is a vocational construction training centre founded in 2009 on 10 acres of land donated by a village. The centre is the result of a burden that God placed on the hearts of a Canadian couple to meet the need in Burkina Faso to provide young Burkinabe men with trade skills in a Christian environment. Prior to moving to Burkina Faso in 2010, the founders owned a drywall construction business in Canada.

Students also receive in class theoretical training for the construction trade they have chosen. They are taught French (the language of business in Burkina Faso) and mathematics by skilled instructors. Graduating students’ qualifications are recognized by the Burkina Faso Ministry of Youth and Employment. Funding is provided mainly by one-time and monthly donations.

Detailed Implementation Plan

During the past six months CFPC’s 32 students have been working hard. CFPC secured a contract with another local Christian organization in town, Friends in Action International, and had the opportunity to build the outside wall of a large compound. It has been an exciting partnership as the masonry and welding students have both been involved. Discussions will continue on whether they have the funds for more projects for CFPC.

CFPC celebrated as the 5 masonry students who took the government qualification exam passed! The first year of the welding program has been a success and the students look forward to continuing into their second year in the fall.

In addition, CFPC has fed the students 3 times a week this spring, which may increase in the fall when the food supplies in the villages often get low due to drought.  

In order to increase the security of the facilities a new guard house was built and the fencing surrounding the compound was improved. 

Looking Forward

During the next six months, CFPC is gearing up for the start of a new school year in October with the continuation of the woodworking, masonry, and welding programs. The program staff will have conversations together about CFPC programming, whether to start new programs or adapt the existing programs.  

In addition to hiring another security guard for the new guard house, CFPC is also looking to hire someone to help with the finances.

CFPC hopes to run another children’s camp during the Christmas vacation in December 2018. 

Stories of Transformation

In the spring CFPC held a two day camp for children from the surrounding villages. It was a great success with over 100 children in attendance! The days were full of dance, crafts, sports, relay races, and laughter. We were excited to have many girls also join us, who had opportunities to do crafts, such as beading and knitting together. The camp took place just after terror attacks in Ouaga, and after a mosque was broken into in Bousse. It was a happy and encouraging time of community building after such stories of conflict and tension.

Partnership Community

In January, Program Champion Terry Grey came to visit. CFPC hosted a big party for him as it may be the last time he visits CFPC. Some past graduates came to celebrate with Terry. Others couldn’t come because they were working, which was an acceptable excuse!

The Annual CFPC Banquet was held in May. It was a great afternoon, celebrating the start of the welding program and raising support.