Impact Kenya Shangilia

January-June 2018

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Impact Kenya-Shangilia partners with Shangilia Children’s Home to care for orphaned and underprivileged children in the Kisumu area, Kenya. Shangilia Children’s Home, in Vihiga County in Western Province, supports over 60 children, aged 0-18 years.

At Shangilia, children receive holistic care that includes their basic needs and a safe environment to play and develop. For the many children who have been abandoned or orphaned, Shangilia substitutes the parental role by providing emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial support, equipping children with the tools, knowledge, and emotional stability to live a life of opportunity and hope.

Impact Kenya-Shangilia also partners with King’s Highway School which is a Christian day school located in the nearby city of Eldoret.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Impact Kenya Shangilia has been supporting the education for 60 students in primary and secondary school. These children also receive nutritious food and a loving home that supports them through their childhood years. Currently there are 7 youth from Impact Kenya-Shangilia studying in universities across Kenya!

Creating a loving home environment means that birthday celebrations are very important for the Shangilia family. The March 2018 group birthday was one of the most memorable events that occurred because it was celebrated in the new dining hall for the first time. The children were very blessed with special gifts from their friends and sponsors.

Looking Forward

Five students will be graduating from high school in November!

Program Leader Francis Ranogwa will be attending the African Leadership Summit in October with other leaders of programs and churches across Africa.

A reduction in monthly funds has put a strain on daily operations and we would like to increase our donor base to support costs of food, school, clothing, bills, and staff wages. We also hope to develop more engagement with young adults who used to live at the Shangilia home.

Stories of Transformation

Kate was among the very first kids at Shangilia and has been there since it started in 2000. She is now 18 years old and in grade 12. She was brought to Shangilia because her parents were very poor, which led to alcohol abuse and instability in the family. She was rescued by Pastor Francis, who placed her at Shangilia for care and protection. She is very grateful for what Shangilia has done and now she is completing her high school education this year. She is hoping to attend university next year to study nursing.

Partnership Community

We did not have any Canadian visitors in the past six months, but were blessed with visits from USA teams, friends from England, and local partners. In October 2018, there is a planned visit by program champion Dave Boyes, along with other representatives from iTeams Canada. In January 2018, we had our inaugural ‘Non-banquet’ fundraiser and in Spring 2018, the Parry Sound community held a garage sale event to raise funds.