Learning 4 Humanity

January-June 2017

LaurenJanuary-June 2017, Learning 4 Humanity


Learning 4 Humanity (L4H) is an iTeams Canada program that seeks to bring about transformation in communities by providing locally run and managed computer systems. These unique computer systems, called EcoSchools, offer culturally appropriate resources to students and give them the opportunity to learn exponentially more than before. Through partnerships between L4H and Christian schools in Zambia and beyond, students are realizing their God-given potential!

Detailed Implementation Plan

iTeams Canada helped to fund the equipment needed for the successful installation of EcoSchool systems into the Stella Maris Primary School and the Kasama Lighthouse e-Learning Centre in Zambia. There are now 350 students at the Stella Maris Primary School who have access to current and relevant learning material, and communities in Kasama now have access to the internet and computers. The installations were a great success and the local teachers helped a lot to assemble the computer systems. After spending some time training the teachers, they became very excited about the possibilities they now had. Feedback received from both the teachers and the communities was that the technology is revolutionary, empowering, and easy to use!

Looking Forward

Over the next six months, we plan to continue to offer the EcoSchool system across Zambia and into Kenya, with two more schools being installed before the end of 2017. St. Theresa’s Convent School was installed in June, bringing the total number of schools using EcoSchool to 3! 

Stories of Transformation

One of the big joys of installing the EcoSchool system in the Stella Maris Primary School was the reaction from the teachers. At first they were hesitant and did not believe that they had the capacity to use the television and tablet system that is provided to every classroom.

We asked the kindergarten teacher if she would like to try and after some initial apprehension she had grasped the concept of how to use the tablet in just a few minutes! She was happy with her new abilities and could not wait to bring this technology to her classroom and share all of the new material with her students.

Partnership Community

Roy Campbell and Phil Baker of L4H travelled to Zambia in April to oversee and assist with the installation of the EcoSchool systems in the Stella Maris Primary School. They spent their time building up the capacity of local Zambians to manage, promote, and train others on the EcoSchool systems.  

Several one-hour training sessions were carried out via WhatsApp (voice) and Zoom (screen sharing) by Janelle Martin (in Canada) and Oscar Kaate (in Zambia) of L4H, for the teachers at each of the 3 installed schools.

Four interns were hired under the Canada Summer Jobs program for 7 weeks each, starting in July, to assist with content development and development of our research, monitoring, and evaluation framework.

Financial Information

Total Income January-June 2017 $1,406
Total Expenses January-June 2017 $14,136
Overall 2017 Budget $711,191