Impact South Sudan

January-June 2017

LaurenImpact South Sudan, January-June 2017


Impact South Sudan focuses on supporting the vulnerable and displaced. South Sudan is a country that is currently experiencing immense challenges. The civil war has taken its toll on civilians and the infrastructure of the country. Over 1 million South Sudanese have fled their country to seek safety in surrounding countries. This has left farms unattended and food insecurity is a large threat to much of the country.

Despite this, there is a resilience among the South Sudanese to continue to work for peace and transformational development. iTeams Canada is proud to partner with programs and South Sudanese leaders who work hard to empower teachers, improve educational quality, and protect at-risk children.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Staff and students at Emmanuel Christian College (ECC) have shown incredible resilience, perseverance, and trust in God as they have renewed their classes and continue to study despite the conflict occurring all around them in South Sudan. The theme for this year at ECC is “Moving Forward Together” and this is especially relevant during this time of turmoil in South Sudan.

Emmanuel Christian College has been able to continue every one of its programs despite the circumstances. Enrollment is down due to the inability of many of the students to travel back to Yei to continue their studies this semester. The violence has taken a toll, but ECC is continuing to operate. Currently there are 7 students in the Bachelor’s Degree in Education program, 12 students doing in-service training for their Certificate of Education in Yei, and 76 students doing their Diploma of Education, which is a pre-service course. Together these students will make a huge difference to the future educational quality in South Sudan and will be on the frontlines of educating the next generation. Impact South Sudan has helped to continue the operation of ECC through supporting the general costs of the college, food for students, and education costs.

Looking Forward

We are developing an innovative training program for nursery school teachers. This project aims to see that 84 nursery schools throughout South Sudan will have exemplary classrooms and teaching methodologies by the end of 2018.

Stories of Transformation

South Sudan has been in a state of conflict since 2013, and recently the violence has spread into the south of the country and is taking place nearby Yei and ECC. However, the college’s perseverance in continuing to have classes and graduate students is inspiring hope for a peaceful future. One student who is in his third year of the Diploma in Education shared the following:

“Before I came to ECC I had already studied in two other institutions, but I never completed my studies there. Every time I started my studies somewhere I experienced interruptions related to insecurity in the region of the university or other reasons came up that forced me to not continue my studies. So I gave up hope, but then I heard about ECC and I decided to give it a try. I still wondered if I would actually be able to complete my studies. And when the violence started moving into the region, I thought for sure that my studies would again be disrupted. Even though ECC had to shut its doors for a season, I am so happy that they have been able to reopen them and I can continue my studies. In a few months I will be able to graduate and finally have the qualifications to teach!”

For young men and women who are studying and working towards their goals, ECC and Impact South Sudan are providing opportunities to achieve them and help to bring much-needed transformation to a country which is broken with conflict.

Partnership Community

Melodie and Matt are in South Sudan to continue teaching and supporting the College. Due to the continued danger of travel in South Sudan, there are no Impact Teams planned for travel in the next six months.

Financial Information

Total Income January-June 2017 $43,866
Total Expenses January-June 2017 $24,247
Overall 2017 Budget $64,741