Impact Kenya Shangilia

January-June 2017

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Impact Kenya-Shangilia partners with Shangilia Children’s Home to care for orphaned and underprivileged children in the Kisumu area, Kenya. Shangilia Children’s Home, in Vihiga County in Western Province, supports over 60 children, aged 0-18 years.

At Shangilia, children receive holistic care that includes their basic needs and a safe environment to play and develop. For the many children who have been abandoned or orphaned, Shangilia substitutes the parental role by providing emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial support, equipping children with the tools, knowledge, and emotional stability to live a life of opportunity and hope.

Impact Kenya-Shangilia also partners with King’s Highway School which is a Christian day school located in the nearby city of Eldoret.

The Kenyan government has recently made some changes to the school calendar. The holiday schedule is now a little different, but the biggest change is that school has been discouraged during weekends. This has been great news for the children who could now come home for games and entertainment on weekends!

Detailed Implementation Plan

We currently have 51 children in primary school and kindergarten (32 boys and 19 girls) and 17 students in high school (1o boys and 7 girls). One university student recently graduated from a nursing course and is currently volunteering at a government hospital; two others are about to start their final year and one person is starting their third year. We also have two new students who are excited to start university in the fall as well.

Life at the Home

Talent shows for the children occur once a month. The children love it and it has been very helpful in building self-esteem.

On March 31st and June 30th we had birthday celebrations for children and staff at Shangilia Children’s Home. Many children do not know their actual birthday, so the day that they entered Shangilia is the one we celebrate with them. These birthdays are a big celebration with a great dinner, cakes, candies, and pop!

Life skills training takes place when groups of people who know more about the challenges and opportunities that the children will face in life offer encouragement, behavioural training, conflict resolution tips, and advice.

One of our Shangilia leaders, Alex, got married this February! Alex and Nehema tied the knot at a local church and then celebrated with the whole Shangilia community at our children’s home. It was a beautiful celebration that everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

One of the old boys’ dormitories was demolished in May 2017. The dormitory was deemed unsafe and the area is now being used for laundry. Lightning arresters have been installed on both the boys’ and girls’ dorms to protect the children from risk of fire due to lightning.

Looking Forward

We are looking to improve the food at the Shangilia Children’s home despite rising food costs, and obtain new bedding, dining tables, and chairs for the home. This is a challenge that we hope to overcome together. We expect to cover fall semester school fees for primary, secondary and some university students.

Stories of Transformation

In April we welcomed Yvonne to the Shangilia Children’s Home. She is seven years old and is currently attending kindergarten. Yvonne grew up neglected in a poor household that was unable to care for her. The local children’s office rescued her from this unhealthy place and brought her to live with us! We are glad she came and she is now doing very well. Yvonne is happy to be here; she is still shy but is always smiling. It’s her goal to one day become a teacher. God has put Yvonne in our path at Shangilia and we thank Him for the opportunity to journey this life together!

Partnership Community

Dave Boyes, one of the Impact Kenya-Shangilia Program Champions, visited us at Shangilia in March. It was great to connect with a close friend and long-time partner of the work being achieved here.

Financial Information

Total Income January-June 2017 $20,657
Total Expenses January-June 2017 $44,530
Overall 2017 Budget $97,325