Impact Kenya-PACE

January-June 2017

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Impact Kenya-PACE (Pan African Christian Exchange) is a program located in Nyahururu, central Kenya that offers education that is affordable and integrated and available to all – orphans, street children, and those from marginalized tribes are mixed with those from poor, middle and rich families.

Impact Kenya-PACE also supports a wide variety of community development projects in Nyahururu District in central Kenya, working in partnership with pastors and indigenous leaders to serve orphans, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s), street children, widows, single mothers, and neglected seniors.

The main PACE compound houses a Nursery School, The Academy (grades 1-7), High School, The Vocational College, and PAST (Pan African School of Theology). PACE is also one of the few organizations in this area that also focuses on locally supported national compassion outreach, and holds an annual Leadership Summit with attendees from across the globe.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Nursery School

The Nursery School has experienced some changes and improvements over the last six months. The transportation service has been discontinued, as it was becoming too costly to maintain the buses. There have been some facility upgrades to the Nursery School, including a new fence and improved washrooms for the students. The young children who attend the Nursery School now have a safer place to learn and play!

Academy and High School

In January, Impact Kenya-PACE welcomed students from many different tribes and countries in East Africa to begin their classes again at the Academy and High School. Impact Kenya-PACE continues to support the PACE Academy and High School so that students from marginalized communities throughout East Africa can receive a quality education. One way in which the quality of education is increased is through the facility maintenance and upgrades that have been made to classrooms recently. Through increased funding and support the goal to improve food and nutrition is beginning to be met, the food served to the children is now of a higher quality and contains more protein. It is still a goal for the next six months to increase the nutritional value of the food served at the Academy.


Impact Kenya-PACE has continued to support an innovative Bible school and seminary that PACE operates. PAST sets up small pastoral training centres in underserved and marginalized communities in Kenya and beyond. These centres hold classes and offer certificates, diplomas and degrees through the Pan African Christian University (PACU) focussed on transformational church leadership. There are currently training centers in Nyeri, Kisii, Mombasa, and Muhoroni. The work of PAST requires patience as government and university regulations make the setup of a training centre in rural and underserved areas difficult but work is being done on setting up more training centres in Kenya and in surrounding countries.

Leadership Summit

This fall the 6th Annual Leadership Summit will be held at PACE in Nyahururu. We are expecting over 50 leaders from Africa and beyond. We are so thankful for the opportunity to meet and share with other leaders and learn more about how to best serve God in our communities.

Looking Forward

At the academy and high school, the focus is on educational quality. We will continue to work with school personnel for capacity building, vision understanding and implementation and educational quality. Nyahururu, where Impact Kenya-PACE is located, is growing as more middle class families are beginning to move into the area. There will likely be more students wanting to enrol in the nursery school and academy.

In the library, Diane and Carla continue to seek a Kenyan to replace them as primary librarians and teaching assistants.

PAST will continue to develop and explore new locations and train new pastors and teachers so that the innovative approach to pastoral training can impact new communities. There is exploration underway to work in Uganda as well.

Stories of Transformation

Pastor Martha Mwithiga is called to work in Huruma slum in Nairobi. Her small church, found behind a blue timber and tin door, can comfortably sit 25 people. It is now — after Martha was trained at PACE’s Bible School learning centre — holding 50 or more. Martha has been discipling Josephina for many years. When I met Martha in March, Josephina came into Martha’s small office and brought Neema. After over 14 years in bars and on the street, now pregnant with her 3rd child, Neema wanted to return to God. She came to Martha. Not only is Martha discipling Josephina, but she is now also encouraging and helping Josephina to befriend and encourage Neema.

Partnership Community


From January to April Program Champions David and Diane Donaldson worked alongside the local leadership at the PACE Academy Library and in the expansion of PAST. In May, Carla Helmuth travelled to Nyahururu to work at the PACE Academy Library and in administration. Jillian Gingerich visited the PACE Academy and continued working on the art club with the students and searched out future leadership for this role.


Impact Kenya-PACE Program Champions traveled to four different churches to present the work of Impact Kenya-PACE. The Guelph Community Christian School has continued their pen-pal program with students in Canada and Kenya and they have also helped to raise money for the library!

Visits to Canada

In June the Impact Kenya-PACE Program Leader, Wachira Ngamau, visited Canada and met with several churches, donors and the iTeams Canada office. It was a great time of partnership and relationship building for Impact Kenya-PACE.

Financial Information

Total Income January-June 2017 $20,400
Total Expenses January-June 2017 $33,024
Overall 2017 Budget $71,028