Impact Burkina Faso – Village of Hope

January-June 2017

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The Village of Hope School, which has educated thousands of students since opening in 2002, began out of compassion for impoverished and orphaned children living in Burkina Faso’s isolated rural communities. Situated just outside of the capital city of Ouagadougou, it has grown to provide quality education, healthcare, and nutritious food to over 500 children each year.

Many of Burkina Faso’s rural villages are so remote they have no public schools, and in some cases school infrastructure has been built but not opened due to a shortage of teachers willing to relocate to the village. Founders Michel and Lydia Ouedraogo work together with a team of dedicated local Burkinabe to provide a better future for children from rural villages who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend school.

Detailed Implementation Plan

At the end of June, 32 students graduated from primary school and will advance to high school next year! We are thankful to be a part of these children’s lives at this critical period in their development. Quality education empowers these children to give back to their own communities. The focus has been on increasing the quality of our current programming instead of expanding the activities offered at Village of Hope.

The current programming that Village of Hope offers to these children includes schooling, housing, food, and spiritual discipleship. Every day at the Village of Hope is a busy one, with students praising God before breakfast and then going on to their classes and to play soccer!

Stories of Transformation

Bationo Peniel is a student at the Village of Hope and has often been quite hard to work with. He had issues with respecting the teachers and was always getting into trouble. For this reason he was not able to pass his primary school exams last year. However, he was given a second chance and he did not disappoint!

Peniel began to change his life: he led worship on Sundays and at morning devotions, he studied hard and respected his teachers, and he was able to pass his primary school exam this year. We are so happy to see his transformation and are excited about what the future has for this young man!

Financial Information

Total Income January-June 2017 $49,186
Total Expenses January-June 2017 $46,110
Overall 2017 Budget $184,028