Impact Bolivia

January-June 2017

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La Jornada (“The Journey”) is a shared home for former street kids who have left the streets for various children’s homes, graduated from high school and are committed to continuing their education by taking up a skilled trade or gaining a professional qualification.

Street kids in Bolivia grow up believing they are disposable, invisible, insignificant, and unloved. Many have ended up on the street as a result of addiction or abuse. Many enter children’s homes but after being released from the system at age 18, they can become trapped in the same cycle of poverty as their parents, unable to support themselves beyond their basic needs. Some end up back on the streets and most live hand-to-mouth, working long hours for low wages, usually subject to exploitation and job insecurity. Impact Bolivia steps in at this critical point in these young lives, providing a refuge for them where they can understand their worth, value and dignity. This has allowed for many of these young men to pursue their studies and become successful in life and strengthen their relationship with God.

The money raised by Impact Bolivia goes toward providing food and housing for the young men living at La Jornada, as well as covering all tuition and transportation costs while they are enrolled in full-time post-secondary education.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Impact Bolivia continues to support 10 young men who grew up in the streets and in children’s homes through the work of La Jornada by providing food and accommodation, deep relationships, spiritual growth, and post-secondary scholarships. Some subjects currently being studied in the La Jornada home are: International Relations, Marketing, Tourism, Business Administration, and Psychology. With education, a home, and the love of God these young men are transforming their lives. Alongside the education and relationships that the young men receive is also the opportunity to help others and give back to their community.

A new mentorship initiative in the home has started to deepen the young men’s commitment to church and learning about the Gospel. This mentorship project pairs the young men from the home with older men in their church. These pairs meet weekly for activities and to learn more about what it means to be a Christian. Due to the success of the mentorship initiative so far, we are also starting to plan events with the young men and their mentors on a bi-monthly basis.

And as always, the young men in the home enjoy all the activities and fun things that occur together as a house. Recently the whole home left Santa Cruz to go camping in the country-side. This was an amazing time of relaxation and enjoying God’s creation.

Stories of Transformation

Brayan is one of the newest young men to join the La Jornada home. He is currently finishing his last year of high school. Brayan was forced to leave the Catholic Children’s home he was living in when he turned eighteen. He knows both Paul and Sandro, other young men living here, so he approached La Jornada to see if he could live here as well. Brayan was welcomed in with open arms. Since joining our home his life has improved and he has begun exploring what it means to follow Christ. Brayan was recently baptized on our camping trip. It was a beautiful setting for this transformational moment in Brayan’s life.

Partnership Community

The Moorgen family visited and worked with Impact Bolivia for 6 weeks.

Financial Information

Total Income January-June 2017: $40,675
Total Expenses January-June 2017: $43,032
Overall 2017 Budget $104,756