Impact Haiti (Haiti Partners)

January-June 2017

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Haiti Partners was founded in 2009 by John Engle and Kent Annan to help Haitians change Haiti through education. Many people have shaped who we are through their generosity and work. Our experience and programs go back to when John first moved to Haiti in 1991. Kent moved to Haiti in 2003. Several of our core Haitian and American staff have been collaborating for more than a dozen years to develop the core programs and approach of our work. We draw on our experience as we keep pushing ahead toward our vision.

Haiti Partners has five strategic objectives:

  1. Quality schooling: the development of schools that help children realize their potential while driving community development and lifelong learning.
  2. Holistic churches: the mobilization of churches to help people engage in justice and deepen in their faith.
  3. Entrepreneurship: creating successful social businesses and cultivating entrepreneurial and business skills.
  4. Collaborative leadership: the development of leaders who inspire groups, communities, and institutions to thrive
  5. Spiritual transformation: engaging partners to deepen faith and work for the common good.

iTeams Canada specifically partners with Haiti Partners to meet two of these five strategic objectives, Quality Schooling and Holistic Churches.

Detailed Implementation Plan

We have continued to support the ongoing work of the Children’s Academy Learning Center and the six partner schools located throughout Haiti. There has been a lot of progress at all of these schools, as attendance rates are continuing to rise and student achievement is increasing. Micah Scholars are continuing to study in seminaries and promote children’s and women’s rights in churches throughout Haiti.

Quality Schooling

At the Children’s Academy we saw a 92% attendance rate among students, 94% attendance rate among parents doing education activities and meetings. Parents are also continuing to volunteer and support the school through gardening, maintenance, social businesses, health care and more. The staff attendance at both work and at community meetings is at 100%! The Children’s Academy was once again named on WorldBlu’s list for freedom centred workplaces, meaning it has a clear purpose, is transparent, respects the perspectives of its employees and is committed reflection and evaluation. All of these indicators work together to paint the picture of a school that is deeply rooted in its community and displays to other schools and community what is possible when people are valued, work together and promote education for all!

The partner schools are educating 1033 students in the 2016-17 academic year. These schools receive teacher training, curriculum development and financial support from Haiti Partners to increase the standard of education that they offer. And these activities are paying off, 5 out of the 6 partner schools have exceeded the average passing rate of exams in Haiti and the other one has met the Haitian average of a 70% passing rate. Every partner school is seeking more strategic partnerships and ways to improve the quality of education that they offer.

In February we were excited to host the 5th anniversary event for the Children’s Academy! This day was filled with smiles, speeches, games and dances. We are so thankful for the support this school has received and the many ways in which it has positively impacted the community.

Holistic Churches

There are currently 39 Micah Scholars in seminary. These young men and women have committed their lives to advancing their own theological knowledge of God’s promises so that they can better serve others. Some of the practical ways that they are using this opportunity in their own churches is through serving in ministries that promote the rights of children and women. Ways that this is accomplished include:

  • Leading Bible studies
  • Working in youth ministries
  • Speaking out to end the practice of child trafficking
  • Promoting the role of women in church and in society

These Micah Scholars are at the forefront of a new Church in Haiti where the Gospel is being advanced and people are learning to deeply care for those who are most vulnerable.

Stories of Transformation

These graduates are now going to be doing transformational work in churches and communities across Haiti!

Partnership Community

Kent Annan will be the keynote speaker for the Canadian Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) conference in October.

Financial Information

Total Income January-June 2017 $14,370
Total Expenses January-June 2017 $34,497
Overall 2017 Budget $72,250