Hope for the Sold: January-June 2017

Lauren+ Date Archive, Hope for the Sold, January-June 2017

Overview Through writing, speaking, and film-making, Hope for the Sold fights exploitation one word at a time. By making movies, writing articles, and speaking to audiences across Canada, our aim is to help individuals and communities take part in the modern day abolitionist movement. Over 18 Screenings After wrapping up our 70-city fall 2016 Over 18 film tour, we booked about … Read More

Impact South Sudan
January-June 2017

LaurenImpact South Sudan, January-June 2017

Overview Impact South Sudan focuses on supporting the vulnerable and displaced. South Sudan is a country that is currently experiencing immense challenges. The civil war has taken its toll on civilians and the infrastructure of the country. Over 1 million South Sudanese have fled their country to seek safety in surrounding countries. This has left farms unattended and food insecurity … Read More

Learning 4 Humanity
January-June 2017

LaurenJanuary-June 2017, Learning 4 Humanity

Overview Learning 4 Humanity (L4H) is an iTeams Canada program that seeks to bring about transformation in communities by providing locally run and managed computer systems. These unique computer systems, called EcoSchools, offer culturally appropriate resources to students and give them the opportunity to learn exponentially more than before. Through partnerships between L4H and Christian schools in Zambia and beyond, … Read More

Impact Kenya Shangilia
January-June 2017

Lauren+ Date Archive, Impact Kenya-Shangilia, January-June 2017

Overview Impact Kenya-Shangilia partners with Shangilia Children’s Home to care for orphaned and underprivileged children in the Kisumu area, Kenya. Shangilia Children’s Home, in Vihiga County in Western Province, supports over 60 children, aged 0-18 years. At Shangilia, children receive holistic care that includes their basic needs and a safe environment to play and develop. For the many children who have … Read More

Impact Bolivia
January-June 2017

Lauren+ Date Archive, Impact Bolivia, January-June 2017

Overview La Jornada (“The Journey”) is a shared home for former street kids who have left the streets for various children’s homes, graduated from high school and are committed to continuing their education by taking up a skilled trade or gaining a professional qualification. Street kids in Bolivia grow up believing they are disposable, invisible, insignificant, and unloved. Many have ended up … Read More

IT Tender
January-June 2017

Lauren+ Date Archive, IT Tender, January-June 2017

Overview IT Tender empowers children in Metro Manila, Philippines to become educated and responsible leaders in their community. This is accomplished through educational programs and community-based initiatives which create lasting transformations in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of each child. The result is sustainable health and wholeness in the community. IT Tender provides education for “street children” and their families. … Read More

Impact Dominican Republic
January-June 2017

LaurenImpact DR, January-June 2017, Lighthouse

Overview Impact Dominican Republic works in partnership with Lighthouse Projects in the Los Alcarrizos community in the Dominican Republic. Los Alcarrizos has a growing population of more than 320,000 people, most of whom live in poor conditions with little infrastructure. Thousands of children receive no education because of extremely limited space in the public schools. To address this, iTeams Canada partnered with … Read More

Impact Uganda
January-June 2017

Lauren+ Date Archive, Impact Uganda, January-June 2017

Overview The Impact Uganda program focuses on helping street kids get off the streets and find hope and a future by providing housing, a sense of family, and discipleship. Jinja Connection provides education and shelter for full-time and part-time street kids. Our drop-in centre offers a safe space for kids to come and get something to eat and build relationships. Staff and … Read More

Impact Ecuador
January-June 2017

Lauren+ Date Archive, Impact Ecuador, January-June 2017

Overview Impact Ecuador supports the ongoing ministry of Carmen Bajo Church to serve the people of Carmen Bajo, a marginalized neighbourhood in Quito, Ecuador. The community struggles with high levels of teenage pregnancy, dysfunctional families, poverty, child mistreatment, malnourishment, and alcoholism. Carmen Bajo Church meets both the spiritual and practical needs of the community through three main projects: a children’s … Read More

Impact Romania
January-June 2017

Lauren+ Date Archive, Impact Romania, January-June 2017

Overview Impact Romania is a program located in the Transylvania region of Romania. The purpose of the program is to value, disciple, and develop Romanian child and young adult orphans to grow in character and influence in their world. The Romanian Orphan Outreach project focuses on the development and support of orphan children who are living in state care either in … Read More