Village of Hope

July-December 2016

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The Village of Hope School, which has educated thousands of students since opening in 2002, began out of compassion for impoverished and orphaned children living in Burkina Faso’s isolated rural communities. Situated just outside of the capital city of Ouagadougou, it has grown to provide quality education, healthcare, and nutritious food to over 500 children each year.

Many of Burkina Faso’s rural villages are so remote they have no public schools, and in some cases school infrastructure has been built but not opened due to a shortage of teachers willing to relocate to the village. Founders Michel and Lydia Ouedraogo work together with a team of dedicated local Burkinabe to provide a better future for children from rural villages who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend school.

Detailed Implementation Plan

At the end of August we saw the start of the school year for our 241 students. We are blessed to be able to walk along students at such a critical time in their lives. Providing these students with education enables them to take control of their futures and become strong contributing members of their communities. Due to lack of resources, our focus has been on providing well for the current students rather than expanding our programming.

We have continued to provide education, housing and food, as well as spiritual training to our students at Village of Hope. The students at Village of Hope start their day with worship before coming together at the dining hall for a breakfast of porridge. Most days are kept busy with classes and during break times the children often play soccer, a favourite activity of many.

Looking Forward

Over the next six months the focus of Village of Hope will be to assess the feasibility of deepening and expanding the partnership community. A greater partnership community will strengthen the programs on the ground by allowing program leadership to focus on programs rather than program support.

Stories of Transformation

In the spring, the two visiting interns from the Forge program interviewed Mr. Bazie, the Primary School Director. He has been with Village of Hope for 11 years after 40 years of working with the government. Though he has been offered different jobs he has remained committed to the work of Village of Hope.

He says he stays here because, “Village of Hope has a different goal. Here the goal is to train children to become leaders in the country for the glory of God. Through loving the children we are building leaders.” He worked with a lot of children in government schools but they have never come back to visit him. Those who have graduated Village of Hope often come back to visit him, because at Village of Hope “we are not just educating the minds but also the hearts of children”.

Partnership Community

Amber Rushton (one of Village of Hope’s Program Champions) and Kim Loney (from the iTeams Canada office) visited Village of Hope in early August to connect with Pastor Michel and Lydia’s son, Samuel, and his new wife Elaine, who have returned to Burkina Faso to develop leadership at Village of Hope. Though the students were not present it did give Amber and Kim the opportunity to survey the facilities and property. The elementary school was being used by a church for a camp during that week. Many improvements are still needed, including renovation and painting of the classes, cafeteria and dormitories, as well as repair and painting of the bathrooms and playground. As well, Samuel’s desire, rightly so, is to focus on the sustainability of the school.

Financial Information

Total Income 2016 $87,659
Total Expenses 2016 $94,050
Overall 2016 Budget $311,060