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July-December 2016

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Impact Kenya-Shangilia partners with Shangilia Children’s Home to care for orphaned and underprivileged children in the Kisumu area, Kenya. Shangilia Children’s Home, in Vihiga County in Western Province, supports over 60 children, aged 0-18 years.

At Shangilia, children receive holistic care that includes their basic needs and a safe environment to play and develop. For the many children who have been abandoned or orphaned, Shangilia substitutes the parental role by providing emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial support, equipping children with the tools, knowledge, and emotional stability to live a life of opportunity and hope.

Impact Kenya-Shangilia also partners with King’s Highway School which is a Christian day school located in the nearby city of Eldoret.

Detailed Implementation Plan


Shangilia places high value on education for the children in its care. Education is free in Kenya but Shangilia also covers extra expenses such as uniforms and textbooks. For students who excel, Shangilia pays tuition to attend advanced boarding schools.

The final term of the academic year ended in November 2016 and the children are now enjoying a long holiday until school begins again in January 2017. At the end of each academic term there is an exciting celebration at Shangilia to promote the importance of education and further motivate students who have performed well in school. Academic Day celebrates educational achievements by rewarding children with small gifts.

Six children completed their final primary school exams this year. With good results, these students will join high school next year! Two young women, Winnie and Lydia, wrote their final high school exam. The results of these exams will determine which type of post-secondary education they can pursue in the new year.

Shangilia recognizes the importance of post-secondary education for increasing opportunity in the future. With support from Shangilia, seven students are currently in college and university. Clinton, Elizabeth, and Juma are in the midst of their university studies, and Nehema began college in September 2016. Three students are finishing college this year: Lillian (studying nursing), Alex (completing a masonry certificate), and Geoffrey (pursuing electrical work).

Childhood Development – Special Events

In the past six months, Shangilia held four special events to foster natural childhood development and provide a familial environment with healthy emotional support. The first was a group birthday celebration on October 20, 2016 for children with recent birthdays. The children felt special and received pop, candy, a good dinner, and, importantly, birthday cake.

The talent show has become a popular event at Shangilia! The children are able to showcase their many talents including singing and dancing. This promotes healthy emotional development, confidence, and self-esteem. Some of the children were even invited to perform during an event at Kings Highway Church in the nearby city of Eldoret.

In August 2016, Shangilia hosted a soccer tournament, inviting teams from surrounding communities to participate. This event gave the children an opportunity to demonstrate their athletic talents, practice good sportsmanship, and it improves interaction with the community

King’s Highway School

King’s Highway School, a Christian day school in the nearby town of Eldoret, has reopened after being closed due to local unrest. Seventy students attended King’s Highway School in 2016. The school faced many challenges resulting from a lack of funds. Six staff members worked at the school in 2016, but unfortunately King’s Highway School was unable to pay their salaries regularly, buy new school supplies or textbooks, or renovate the building as needed. There were, however, some positive infrastructure improvements including a new well that provides clean water to the school and surrounding community. The school was also recently reconnected to the electrical grid, which allowed computer classes to resume at the school.

Looking Forward

The next six months include a number of challenges for Shangilia. With the new academic year beginning in January, school fees will be needed for primary school students, high school students, and continued post-secondary scholarships.

The facilities at Shangilia will be updated in the next six months. There are plans to renovate the girls dormitory by the end of 2017 and begin construction on the new dining hall soon.

According to recent reports, the Kenyan government will be distributing electrical power to the rural villages near Shangilia. This may be the best opportunity to connect electrical power to the boys section since it is a more powerful electrical connection and it will be installed nearby! The cost of extending service to the boys section is about $1000USD.

At King’s Highway School, much-needed renovations will hopefully be completed in 2017, including painting the old classrooms and repairing the floor. Ninety students will be enrolled in the next academic term, bringing added financial stress and the need for more teachers.

Stories of Transformation

Martin Omudi began working at Shangilia ten years ago — he had a passion for working with children and was happy to get a chance to serve at Shangilia. In 2013, he began to work as the social worker, advocating for the children and ensuring that their rights are observed. He maintains the children’s paperwork and works closely with the local children’s department. Martin acts as a mentor to many of the children by facilitating individual and group counselling sessions and walking with them emotionally and spiritually. Many children have background that include abuse and neglect, but Martin has the opportunity to share with them about a God who loves them unconditionally.

When asked what he’s learned through his work at Shangilia he shared that: “I have learned that living with other people from different places can change your life. I have learned to be humble and how to trust in God.” To support Martin, please pray for the good health of his family and for his wife, Liz, as they are expecting their second child soon.

Partnership Community

The Kenya Society of Careleavers (KESCA), a Kenyan organization that supports those who spent all or part of their childhood in children’s homes, visited Shangilia again in November to conduct important life skills training workshops. The training was important because it encouraged Shangilia’s children make good, long-term choices and supports their mental and emotional health.

Financial Information

Total Income 2016 $77,957
Total Expenses 2016 $76,747
Overall 2016 Budget $98,565