Impact Kenya-PACE

July-December 2016

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Impact Kenya-PACE (Pan African Christian Exchange) is a program located in Nyahururu, central Kenya that offers education that is affordable and integrated and available to all – orphans, street children, and those from marginalized tribes are mixed with those from poor, middle and rich families.

Impact Kenya-PACE also supports a wide variety of community development projects in Nyahururu District in central Kenya, working in partnership with pastors and indigenous leaders to serve orphans, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s), street children, widows, single mothers, and neglected seniors.

The main PACE compound houses a Nursery School, The Academy (grades 1-7), High School, The Vocational College, and PAST (Pan African School of Theology). PACE is also one of the few organizations in this area that also focuses on locally supported national compassion outreach, and holds an annual Leadership Summit with attendees from across the globe.

Detailed Implementation Plan

We are learning that the students themselves and the community surrounding PACE is demanding quality of education. The question to staff and teachers upon the closing of the year was, “What do we need to do as schools [nursery, primary and high schools] to improve our test scores and student morale next year?” The answers to this question required that the Director re-assign a staff member to be more directly involved in school administration and visioning.

This year there were 13 Kenyan tribes and 7 countries represented in the student body of PACE including; Rwanda, Malawi, Burundi, Congo, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Nursery School

We continued to provide the first steps of education to 47 students in the PACE nursery school. The feeding program for the 98 students at Victory Nursery school and 38 students at the Kauka nursery school also continued.

Academy and High School

During the 2016 school year we had the opportunity to educate 156 students in the Academy and 186 in High School. Since the fire in the spring of 2016 the main focus has been on constructing permanent housing and classroom structures for the boys at PACE; however, Kenya’s National Construction Authority has forced construction to be postponed. This happened after the ground floor is mostly complete and the second floor’s superstructure is completed. We are now waiting only to finish the walls and install windows and doors. The design of the building is good as is the quality of the construction that has been completed. The authority identified some “safety” concerns that have stalled the building and is waiting for significant fees to be paid before they will allow construction to continue.

In an odd way, some of the trials in the last months of 2016, have been both highlights and lowlights. The fire and the school’s bus being disabled in September forced the school’s leadership to re-think some of the programs and logistics of the school. This, coupled with changes in focus from the Ministry of Education, has enabled PACE schools to envision and prepare for adding vocational training to the core curriculum of the high school, as opposed to waiting for students to graduate high school then looking for and begining vocational training.

Another highlight is the beginning of the completion of the dining hall. The dirt floor has been replaced with concrete. While there is still work to be done to finish the room, it looks inviting and is a huge step in meeting the requirements of ministries of health and education.

Teacher retention continues to be a problem and we continue to work towards increasing monthly support in order to offer competitive salaries.


Because of government regulations surrounding the national exam period, formal public graduation ceremonies were not allowed. So, during October an informal, private ceremony was held. The graduating classes, including nursery students graduating to class 1, marched from the school’s compound to the grounds of PACE’s guest house in full caps and gowns! We celebrated the students privately. It was a fun day of celebrating God’s faithfulness and the gifts of our students through a variety of performances and speeches.

Vocational School

Due to the fire in early May that destroyed the boys’ dorm, the room dedicated for computer study had to be used as the dorm rooms for the academy boys. This delayed the implementation of the computer program. As of December 2016, the room has been set up with electricity, desks, and computers to re-launch the computer class in 2017.

PAST (Pan African Seminary Theology)

This year has been a rebuilding year with 2 students in the Bachelor of Theology program. We are transitioning from the BTCP program to a partnership with PACU (Pan African Christian University) who will do the accreditation in Transformational Church Leadership training.

Leadership Summit

This fall the 5th Annual Leadership Summit was held on October 17 – 22. More than 50 delegates attended, representing 17 countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, USA, Burundi, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Canada, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Liberia, and Congo. The common goal was to know Christ better and to build the kingdom of God among the nations. A special prayer focus was given to countries like South Sudan, Burundi, and Congo because of the unrest they are currently experiencing. We also prayed for Haiti as a hurricane hit the country during our Summit. We are thankful for this opportunity to meet, encourage, and strategize for the Kingdom’s sake.

Looking Forward

A new school year starts in January 2017. This year’s goals and priorities will be focused on quality. For the Academy and the High School there are fewer students (we have stopped bussing students from a distance) and so we can focus our attention on teaching quality, and student care (both academic quality and personal care). For these schools, we will take steps to improve the infrastructure (administration precision, compound security, and aesthetics, etc.) so infrastructure does not get in the way of quality performance.

For the seminary, too, we are focusing our attention on the learning centres most likely to produce “quality” students who have serious potential to complete their course of study. In these centers we have identified and approved qualified teachers and will launch the new curriculum – Transformational Church Leadership, an accredited, university based program.

Stories of Transformation

At the private graduation ceremony, the high school seniors presented “I Believe”, the gospel hit by Jonathan Nelson, that they learned only days before from a member of a visiting team. By the evening, a video recording of our children singing that song went viral on Instagram and received 32,000 views. The artist, Jonathan Nelson, reposted it and two days later, it had 100,000 viewers! You can only imagine the screams and cheers at the school chapel that Sunday morning.

Partnership Community

Jillian finished her time in August 2016 and will be returning for 2 months in 2017. Carla Helmuth will be leaving in May for approximately four months.

Financial Information

Total Income 2016 $128,302
Total Expenses 2016 $96,942
Overall 2016 Budget $173,131