Hope for the Sold: July-December 2016

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Through writing, speaking, and film-making, Hope for the Sold fights exploitation one word at a time.  By making movies, writing articles, and speaking to audiences across Canada, our aim is to help individuals and communities take part in the modern day abolitionist movement.

At the Over 18 Premiere

Screening at Springs Church in Winnipeg

Detailed Implementation Plan

  • At the end of September, we wrapped up editing for Over 18, our documentary on pornography. Our goal was to do 30 LIVE screenings as part of our fall film tour, but ended up booking 70!
  • Between October 1 and December 14, we drove across Canada and showed the film to churches, parent-teacher associations, women’s groups, NGOs, and Parliament. Our Parliamentary screening was co-hosted by members from all parties, demonstrating that our leaders care about how pornography is affecting children.
  • During the Q&A after each screening, we equipped parents with resources for how to talk with their kids and protect their homes. We also addressed pornography addiction and provided resources for those wanting to get help.
  • Between June and December, we did a couple dozen media interviews (online, print, radio, and TV), engaging Canada on this important conversation.
  • We also got thousands of petition signatures to support Motion M-47, a government study that will examine the effects of pornography on both adults and children.
  • The plan for 2017 is to book more screenings (which communities can host on their own without us). During out tour, we provided the audience with exit cards that they could fill out if they knew someone who would be interested in hosting a screening. These are the leads we are pursuing to book more screenings.

Interview at 100 Huntley Street

Parliamentary Screening, Ottawa

Stories of Transformation

  • Sadly, the stories we heard from parents and young people on our tour confirmed everything in our film. A farmer told us that their son, who was under 10 years old, found porn online when he googled the word “chicks.” A mom told us that her son found porn by clicking a pop-up that appeared on a math website he was using for school. Teachers told us about boys in grade school and junior high trading pictures of their naked girlfriends. Children are getting addicted to porn and adults are finally beginning to notice their cries for help.
  • A group of passionate moms came up to us after an event and convinced us to do another screening the following week for all the parents in their school. It turned out to be a powerful event, and as a result, the teachers, parents, and school counsellors are putting together an action plan for protecting their kids.
  • Since showing the film, we received an email from a church leader who has decided to start a ministry in his church specifically for sexual addiction.
  • We’ve had many parents tell us that they were going to bite the bullet and have difficult conversations with their kids. Some of the ones who did wrote us and said they couldn’t believe how much their children had already been exposed to.
  • As a result of the petition drive and Parliamentary screening (as well as the efforts of other organizations), Motion M-47 passed unanimously in the House, meaning the government will study the effects of online explicit material on kids and youth.
  • We know that pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking have overlap with each other, and if we protect our children from developing addictions to pornography, there will be less chance of them becoming part of the demand for paid sex. Not only does reducing children’s exposure to online pornography protect them, but it also protects the people they could harm in their search for the next fantasy.

Partnership Community

On the tour, we made some new connections that we’re excited about! The Catholic Women’s League was very enthusiastic about hosting screenings. We also made foray’s into parent-teacher associations, which we hadn’t networked with previously. Some of our other supporters included Saskatoon ACTS, Freedom Catalyst Regina, Hope Restored Canada, Power to Change, and Fortress foundation.

Financial Facts

Total Income July-December 2016: $162,654
Total Expenses July-December 2016: $122,146
Overall 2016 Budget $216,507