July-December 2016

Lauren+ Date Archive, CFPC, July-December 2016


CFPC is a vocational construction training centre founded in 2009 at the village of Nabrabogo on 10 acres of land donated by the village. The centre is the result of a burden that God placed on the hearts of Roger and Chris Bast to meet the need in Burkina Faso to provide young Burkinabe men with trade skills in a Christian environment. Prior to moving to Burkina Faso in 2010, Roger and Chris Bast owned a drywall construction business in Canada. Roger and Chris had led 12 short term missions’ teams to Burkina Faso to work at the Village of Hope. Roger is also a graduate of the Construction Engineering Technology program at Conestoga College.

Training is free for every student enrolled at CFPC. Each course runs for two years and the emphasis is on practical “on the job” training. Programs are available for a variety of construction trades and were developed for young men with basic education qualifications. Training takes place both on-site at CFPC building projects and off-site at projects awarded to CFPC in the greater Boussé area. CFPC employs local skilled tradesmen to help teach the students the practical skills required to graduate from the programs.

Students also receive in class theoretical training for the construction trade they have chosen. They are taught French (the language of business in Burkina Faso) and mathematics by skilled instructors. Graduating students’ qualifications are recognized by the Burkina Faso Ministry of Youth and Employment. The training centre is administered by the Basts.

Funding is provided mainly by one-time and monthly donations.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Over the last six months the construction of the welding building has been underway. The building is now finished up to the roofing stage. The welding classes will start in the Fall of 2017 with the hopes of recruiting approximately six students.

The results from our current programs have been very rewarding over the last 6 months. The recruitment of new students in October was very successful. We were able to reach our target number of students. Our woodworking program has been exploding — the woodworking students are the first ones at school everyday and are very eager to learn!

Looking Forward

Over the next six months we will be starting our welding program, which will give us the opportunity to reach even more young men and equip them with the skills they need to be successful in their careers. We will continue to work with the masonry and woodworking students to ensure that their skills are impeccable upon graduation. We will begin running a program to teach our graduates and future graduates the importance of looking for work in bigger centres rather than returning to the villages where they grew up upon their graduation. We hope this will increase our post graduation employment rate.

Stories of Transformation

One of our exceptional students and graduates, Geswende, recently moved to the city to find employment. This is a huge step for many as city life greatly differs from life in the village. He was successful in finding employment, and staying employed. When he was contacted by program leaders about the possibility of helping them build some blocks he was unable to because he had so much work lined up with his job. We are thankful that our graduates are are able to be successful in their careers and that they have a positive reputation in the surrounding communities.

Partnership Community

We will be holding our annual fundraising banquet on May 16. The proceeds of this banquet will go towards equipping our new
welding shop with the required equipment.

We will also be visited by two Canadians who will be doing an academic evaluation to determine which students will need further help in math and french. They will also be running a campaign to encourage parents and village leaders that education is of great importance to their children.

We are hoping that the project administrator will be with us for the fundraising banquet in May. This will depend on his ability to obtain a visa to enter Canada.

Financial Information

Total Income 2016 $84,677
Total Expenses 2016 $108,118
Overall 2016 Budget $84,252