House of Hope

July-December 2014

Information SystemsHouse of Hope, July-December 2014

Practical help for Refugees

  • Eight German classes are held each week at the House of Hope from Jan – Jun and Sept till Dec. Translation ministry Farsi-German when going to lawyers, hospitals, doctors and officials
  • Accompanying under-age refugees
  • Accompanying refugees to the asylum court
  • Writing confirmations to the officials
  • Support to find work and appartements
  • Obtaining furniture, clothes, goods for the household
  • Obtaining goods for children and babies
  • Pastoral care for Refugees, counseling and biblical teachings
  • Counseling for married couples
  • Visiting refugees in their privat homes and at the refugee camps
  • Delivering bread every Friday – we get bread from a local bakery
  • Flee market at the baptist church – very cheap for refugee

Spiritual support, meetings, excursions and creativ work

  • Three bible classes, around aight evangelistic events, four people were baptised at two baptisms
  • International Café every Tuesday
  • Every second Friday woman ministry
  • Every second Friday photography course
  • Every Monday and Thursday guitarre classes
  • Boat trip with 50 refugees, bike rides, several hiking tours, sports, swimming
  • Three barbeques, one christmas meal, several meals together with refugees
  • Several caramic courses
  • Several painting courses
  • Two Christmas parties, one birthday party, one Persian New Year party
  • Every Tuesday afternoon sewing – refugees fix their own clothes. There are several tailors among the refugees. We have four sewing machines.

Accommodation for Missionaries and Short Term Teams

  • Accommodation for three STT. Accommodation of the team from Bosnia (Seniza).
  • Accommodation of many missionaries (e.g. from Mongolia)

Mobilisation & Networking

  • Mobilisation of STT, Training by Austrians and Teams from abroad for the ministry among refugees and asylum seekers.
  • We got three new voluteers
  • Care taking of the refugee camp in Altmünster by the Kueenzis twice a week.
  • Networking with local churches and other Christian organizations. Monthly meetings with a local initiative for the ministry among migrants.