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January-June 2015

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Haiti Partners was founded in 2009 by John Engle and Kent Annan to help Haitians change Haiti through education. Many people have shaped who we are through their generosity and work. Our experience and programs go back to when John first moved to Haiti in 1991. Kent moved to Haiti in 2003. Several of our core Haitian and American staff have been collaborating for more than a dozen years to develop the core programs and approach of our work. We draw on our experience as we keep pushing ahead toward our vision.

Haiti Partners has five strategic objectives:

  1. Quality schooling: the development of schools that help children realize their potential while driving community development and lifelong learning.
  2. Holistic churches: the mobilization of churches to help people engage in justice and deepen in their faith.
  3. Entrepreneurship: creating successful social businesses and cultivating entrepreneurial and business skills.
  4. Collaborative leadership: the development of leaders who inspire groups, communities, and institutions to thrive
  5. Spiritual transformation: engaging partners to deepen faith and work for the common good.

These new groups have begun working with our community (church, business, gov’t):

There is a trend currently in Haiti where non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are leaving Haiti rather than entering. As a result there aren’t as many new groups that are starting to work in similar communities as HP.

We have begun working with these partners as part of the program:

Haiti Partners already has had an ongoing relationship with Compassion International, specifically in the Micah Scholars program, but there have been new developments in their partnership over the past six month. Haiti Partners is now working within similar communities and churches that Compassion International is involved in order to introduce the curriculum they designed for Micah Scholars which emphasizes themes of women and children’s rights and human trafficking awareness and advocacy. Haiti Partners is also working more closely with churches located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, to introduce the same curriculum.
HP is currently in preliminary discussions with an business called Life Is Good based out of the United States. The business has a philanthropic arm which is working in Haiti with an emphasis on incorporating fun into the lives of communities. Life Is Good has approached HP to adopt their program and take over the work they are doing. HP believes that it could be a could a good fit because of the shared focus both organizations have on children and how the work aligns well with what HP is already doing.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Within the past six months, Haiti Partners continued to focus on the five strategic objectives outlined in the Haiti Partners Strategic Planning Documents drafted on April 24, 2014.

Quality SchoolsQuality Schools-website

The Children’s Academy continued to run within the past six months with the school year ending in May. Between school years HP has organized numerous summer camps for younger grades that continue the education students were receiving in school and includes activities like making crafts and playing sports. In the next six months the new school year will begin in the Fall with the addition of a new preschool class.

Holistic ChurchesHolistic Churches -website

In May, HP celebrated the first graduating class of the Micah Scholars. There were 13 graduates in total. Jonathan Chan Looking back on the program there has been major transformation among the graduates as can be seen through one of the graduates Josiah (refer to the Story of Transformation). Graduates are already looking at what the next steps entail; some are returning to their positions as pastors and teachers, some are currently being connected with other non profit connections through HP, while others are looking for work. In the next six months HP will be looking into ways for including alumni into the program such as providing mentoring for the next cohort of Micah Scholars. A new cohort of Micah Scholars will begin in the Fall.

In addition, The Micah Scholars bi-annual Micah 6:8 Summit took place in Port-au-Prince from May 26-28. The retreat featured respected guests speakers Andy Crouch, the executive editor of Christianity Today and author of Playing God, and Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, professor at Seattle Pacific University.


A major part of HP’s work over the past year has been in regards to social businesses. In the last six months HP worked with schools to start their own social business with the goal that these businesses would make the schools financially independent. In order to develop business plans HP entered into a partnership with an organization with a lot of expertise in social entrepreneurship. The business plans, however, developed with this organization had holes and didn’t properly account for actual revenue and expenditures. HP has worked hard to ensure that the schools were equipped with the tools and technical expertise for them to get their businesses off the ground but it has been largely unsuccessful. Through the advice of different experts and prominent businesspeople in Haiti, HP has concluded that the majority, if not all, of the businesses will never realize profits. As a result, HP has committed to continue to provide technical support for the current businesses that are planning to continue but they will not source funding into the businesses from now on.

HP has concluded that a one of the major contributions to the lack of success of the project is the poor economic environment for small businesses to develop. HP is committed to working with and developing businesses however, they plan on addressing the gap in soft skills and financial literacy required to start sustainable social businesses. HP is currently in the process of hiring a new staff member who will be overseeing the project and research potential organizations with which to partner for the project. The plan currently is that in two years HP will start to fund smaller business ventures using the Saving and Credit Association (SCA) approach to group savings pools.

Collaborative Leadership

As a part of the collaborative leadership strategic objective some HP staff participated in a training program in Grand Rapids, Michigan through an organization called Partners Worldwide. The training focused on taking a Biblical approach to business development and leadership.

Spiritual Transformation

In the last six months HP started an ESL program for the Children’s Academy called Language Hangouts. The program was adopted from an organization in Brazil which emphasizes conversational language learning. Students are connected with native English speakers in the United States in order to develop their fluency in English and to participative a cultural exchange.

Also, Kent continued to write his new book. which is expected to be available to the public next year.

Stories of Transformation

Micah Scholars

Josiah is a Micah Scholar who was already a pastor before joining the program. He was a very traditional pastor and embodied some of the qualities that the Micah Scholars program tries to address. After participating and graduating the program he is now passionate about fighting for the rights of children and women in his community. As a pastor he has been equipped with more tools to support his congregation and he is more more collaborative and more of a servant leader. Josiah has graduated and has returned to pastor at the same church he was at before. Now not only has Josiah experienced transformation but also his church is seeing is growing a lot spiritually. Josiah’s story, like other Micah Scholars, exemplifies the key verse for the program Micah 6:8 which says “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Partnership Community

In the last six months:

There weren’t any teams that visited through International Teams Canada. There were approximately seven teams that visited through HP’s other supporters in the USA.

Kent visited numerous cities across Canada to fundraise and raise support for the World Tour 2015.

In the next six months:

Tamara Simons will be doing another Hoedown for Haiti fundraiser which potentially might be visited by HP’s Program Leader Kent Annan.

Financial Information

Total Income January-June 2015 $29,460
Total Expenses January-June 2015 $62,442
Overall 2015 Budget $85,000