Welcome Home
July – December 2014

Information SystemsJuly-December 2014, Welcome Home

Introduction/Summary Our Mission To provide short-term housing along with emotional and spiritual support for refugee new arrivals. Our Goal To develop partnerships with local churches who will join us in welcoming refugees in the Name of Jesus. Financial Facts Program budget for 2014: $195,710 Income for Jan-Dec 2014: $150,735 Expenses for Jan-Dec 2014: $190,431   Accomplishments & Highlights Churches teaming … Read More

Careforce Village of Hope
July – December 2014

Information SystemsJuly-December 2014, Village of Hope

Overview The Village of Hope School, which has educated thousands of students since opening in 2002, began out of compassion for impoverished and orphaned children living in Burkina Faso’s isolated rural communities. Situated just outside of the capital city of Ouagadougou, it was founded by Pastor Michel and Lydia Ouedraog and has since grown to educate over 500 children each … Read More

TrueCity Hamilton
July-December 2014

Information SystemsJuly-December 2014, TrueCity Hamilton

Overview TrueCity is an innovative movement of churches working together to transform Canada’s ninth largest city, Hamilton, through collaborative church and community initiatives. The movement began in 2004 as a partnership between three Hamilton churches and International Teams Canada, an Elmira-based organization that provides infrastructure and personnel to TrueCity. Today there are sixteen core churches in the TrueCity movement as … Read More

Careforce Lighthouse
July – December 2014

Information SystemsJuly-December 2014, Lighthouse

Overview The community of Los Alcarrizos in Dominican Republic has a growing population of more than 310,000 people, most of whom live in poor conditions with little infrastructure. Thousands of children receive no education because of extremely limited space in the public schools. To address this, iTeams Canada partnered with Juventud para Cristo (YFC) in the development and expansion of … Read More

IT Tender
July-December 2014

Information SystemsIT Tender, July-December 2014

Overview The goal of IT Tender is to empower families in order to break the cycle of poverty. This is done through the provision of quality education and the means for guardians to provide for their children. We teach children from a young age through our Early Childhood Education Center (SMART Kids, for children ages 1-3) and our Preschool program … Read More

Impact Uganda
July – December 2014

Information SystemsImpact Uganda, July-December 2014

Overview The Impact Uganda program has three primary areas of ministry. The first focus is on refugees, pastors, and church leaders attending the 100-day International Leadership Training Program (ILTP) in Kampala. The second focus is on helping street kids get off the streets and find hope and a future by providing housing, a sense of family ,and discipleship. The third … Read More

Impact South Sudan
July – December 2014

Information SystemsImpact South Sudan, July-December 2014

Overview Impact South Sudan focuses on refugees who have returned to their homeland after many years of war and unrest. Refugees in South Sudan have witnessed incredible violence, fled their homes, and suffered immensely because of lack of food, clean water, and shelter. Many continue to suffer or are paralyzed with fear and poverty. Our primary goal is to bring … Read More

Impact Rwanda
July – December 2014

Information SystemsImpact Rwanda, July-December 2014

Overview Rwanda, the smallest and most densely populated country in Africa, is also a country recovering from genocide, an uprising that built gradually over many years and erupted in violence in 1994. Close to one million people died in a terrible sequence of events that pitted neighbour against neighbour, split families and tore apart an entire nation. Today there is … Read More

Impact Romania
July – December 2014

Information SystemsImpact Romania, July-December 2014

Overview There are still an estimated 80,000 orphans in Romania. One of the issues that has a bearing on long term restoration for these children is that many Romanians know very little about orphans and orphanages! Most are unaware that there is even a problem or that opportunities exist for people to get involved in being a part of the … Read More

Impact Kenya Shangilia
July – December 2014

Information SystemsImpact Kenya-Shangilia, July-December 2014

Introduction/Summary Impact Kenya-Shangilia is a two-pronged program focused on improving the lives of orphaned and underprivileged children in the Kisumu and Eldoret areas. Shangilia Children’s Home, in Vihiga County in Western Province, is home to over 60 children ranging in age from 1 to 18 years. Ten are attending high school, thirty-six in primary school, thirteen in kindergarten, and three are … Read More