Impact Uganda: July-December 2013

Information SystemsImpact Uganda, July-December 2013


The Impact Uganda program has three primary areas of ministry. The first focus is on refugees, pastors, and church leaders attending the 100-day International Leadership Training Program (ILTP) in Kampala. The second focus is on helping street kids get off the streets and find hope and a future by providing housing, a sense of family and discipleship. The third focus centres around widows and refugees as we aim to bring hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

Financial Facts

Program budget for 2013: $70,988
Income for 2013: $94,807
Expenses for 2013: $92,175

Program/Region Facts

The International Leadership Training Program (ILTP) is led by Kenyan-born Anne Mwangi, who has operated the school in a poor neighbourhood in Kampala for 6 years. ILTP funnels 20-30 students through its course every 16 weeks at a cost of $250 each. Students pay with what they have: usually beans, corn, flour, or cassava. Most have no money but are asked to contribute in some way. Most had been involved in ministry before they fled their countries and have been pastoring fellow refugees.

The Sanctuary boys’ home is where our ministry to street boys takes place. This project within Impact Uganda is off to a great start and has been gaining momentum.

The Jinja Connection is Impact Uganda’s newest project. This project has two main thrusts, first a drop in centre for full-time or part-time street kids to come and get something to eat and build relationships. The second key component is education. Jinja Connection targets street kids who have little or no education and seeks to provide schooling for them along with a co-op program for skills training.

  • Languages: English and tribal languages
  • Life Expectancy: 53.5 years
  • GDP per capita (US): $1,300 (2011 est.)
  • Literacy rate: 66.8%
  • Population: 35,873,253 (July 2012 est.)


Accomplishments & Highlights


Classes continue to run every 3 or 4 months and we have the great privilege and responsibility of training pastors who will go and become agents of transformation in their home community. We are constantly amazed at how people find us. We continue to be thankful for how God is using the ILTP grads to plant churches throughout East Africa.

Jinja Connection

Jinja Connection continues to gain significant momentum as the program becomes more established. Under the leadership of Allison Edwards, the project has seen many former street kids upgrade their education under the accelerated program and re-enter the public school system. The dedicated staff of teachers, social workers, and Canadian interns are doing amazing work in the Jinja area.

Micro Enterpriseimage

In the fall we had 85 women — and for the first time, 3 men — attend the small business training provided by Impact Uganda and funded through our partnership with African Soles. Coming out of this training Anne and her team identified the need for some additional sewing machines and 8 new ones were purchased, along with materials, needles, and supplies. This means that a new group of women have been empowered to start their own small business and provide for their families. In addition 5 women were given seed money to start a business selling fish.

What’s New

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary has relocated to a new building in the Jinja area. It is hoped that the boys settle into their new surroundings quickly and with little disruption to their regular routine.

Challenges, Needs & Lessons

  •  Jinja Connection had one of its student drown in an accident. Please pray for everyone involved and the leaders as they process this unfortunate situation.
  • Pray for Anne’s health as she has had some blood pressure issues lately.
  • Pray for the boys at The Sanctuary as they adjust to the new location.
  • Pray for Anne and her husband Pastor Eddie as they start off their new life together.
  • Pray for the teams visiting in the new year.

The Future

  • 2 teams will be visiting in the first half of 2014. A vision team led by Dave Adams will be going in March and a team from Grindstone Church will be heading over in April.
  • As more and more interns are interested in going to Uganda, we’re excited about some of the opportunities opening up.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your support. Through Impact Uganda, you have helped support:

  • training pastors
  • refugee women starting businesses to support their families
  • temporary housing and food for new refugees to Kampala
  • educate and provide care for street youth