Impact South Sudan: July – December 2013

Information SystemsImpact South Sudan, July-December 2013


Impact South Sudan focuses on refugees who have returned to their homeland after many years of war and unrest. International Teams Canada is working to establish micro-enterprises, equip schools and provide teacher training, support widows and orphans, purify contaminated water, care for lepers and the disabled, and support the spiritual development projects of our partners.

Financial Summary

Program Budget for 2013 $196,203
Income for 2013 $201,985
Expenses for 2013 $202,502

Accomplishments & Highlights

Leadership Training

As an organization we value leaders and strive to train them in organizational structure, work ethic, economic and social life skills development, empowering the local church and community.  The vision is to see grassroots communities empowered for holistic transformation so that communities and lives are transformed by the power of God.  We have invested in this training with 14 men and women have been trained in these areas to have an effect on hundreds of others and who will transfer their learning to others so multiply their efforts.




Primary Students Taught by Trained Teachers

As organizations and partners we have been able to empower the local education system.

Challenges have included within the last 6 weeks, 18 students faced 5 deaths within their own families. That is just within one class, there are over 200 students at this institution. It is always so hard to see the heartache that these students face on a daily basis.

Social Economic Development

Impact South Sudan focuses on refugees who have returned to their homeland after many years of war and unrest. In this report I would like to highlight just one of our projects.

In partnership with local church leaders, we have launched a program to help communities transition from living off of the support of others to being self-sustainable.

Since August 2013 thousands of South Sudanese Pounds are in circulation to help community members start their income generation activities. Major initiatives started by the groups include pig farming, agriculture, basket weaving, poultry farming, and fish farming.  The foundation of all the projects are Biblically based.  6

The projects are geared towards building the earning capacity of the people.  Tribal conflict has required reconciliation and peace building workshops.

Training on business skills, and life skills are given to members of the groups to support their quest for self-sustainability.  There are140 leaders trained to date.

The Impact South Sudan Program is all about  life and community transformation.

Water and Sanitation


Filter Sales in Juba

After years of war and unrest in Sudan, South Sudan is finally its own country and is in the recovery stage and though millions lost their lives, many others were able to return to their home areas.  They found that the only water available to them was contaminated, leaving people without clean water.  The BioSand Filter (BSF) is a simple technology that can be manufactured locally and can provide clean water for people and their households. The BSF project in Juba continues to provide clean water to the city and community.  Some of the ongoing activities include:

  • Training of the workers
  • Purchasing of the materials
  • Construction of the filters as part of training
  • Construction of the filters begins by the worker
  • Advertisement / launching – appointment of the workers
  • Selling of the filters & installation to various houses
  • Follow up – providing training training and Awareness

The Juba project alone employs 7 people as it moves toward being a self sustained project.

Orphans and Widows

St. Bartholomew’s Orphanage, operated in conjunction with the local widows’ association, was one of the original projects that International Teams Canada became involved with in Sudan.  Today, it continues to be an integral component of serving those who ‘have no voice’. Through St. Bartholomew’s Orphanage, approximately 200 children have a safe bed to sleep in, three meals a day,DSC00241 an education, and have a chance to make a difference towards the future of South Sudan.  Specific initiatives started in 2011 and continuing forward include developing a self-sustaining agricultural system at the orphanage through the efforts of some young energetic men from Canada and the planting of banana, orange and lemon trees, meringa and various vegetables, in order to provide nutritious food for the children.  Funding has been provided so that children have blankets and food.  Also International Teams has provided soccer uniforms to strengthen the youth within the orphanage.

Youth Outreach and Development

The hope of any nation is how the community shapes the character of the young generation. The church in South Sudan is working in partnership with Impact South Sudan  in building the character and shaping the destiny of youth for this and future generation.

The country of South Sudan is experiencing the first generation of youth in high school for the last 30 years. Our youth outreach and development program serves to equip youth leaders in schools and communities with skills and know-how to serve and helping them develop their Christ-like character as well as training them on livelihood skills.3

Through conferences and workshops, the church through the trained youth leaders are able to organize topical talks on spirituality, morality, integrity, servant leadership, nationhood, work ethics and social responsibility.  Some economic activities in the area for the youth are mostly agriculture and charcoal burning, rearing of chickens and goats etc.

What’s New

  • Work continues to expand clean water projects in other cities and states in South Sudan.
  • Continued training in leadership, business skills, economic and social develop of  leaders and volunteers.
  • Evangelism training and discipleship for youth leaders and pastors.
  • Continued work at St. Bartholomew’s orphanage in spiritual development of the children along with improved nutritional, educational and agricultural opportunities.  Also provide training so that this ministry can be a self sustained ministry.
  • Through many volunteers, continued provision of many donations made through gifts in kind which includes uniforms, vitamins, books, Bibles, Christian leadership materials, computer equipment and so much more!

Challenges, Needs & Lessons

There are some significant needs in South Sudan:

  • long-term workers on the ground to help provide accountability and assistance in training and capacity building
  • a nurse or a doctor who can live on the ground for up to 3 months at a time to administer medication to leper
  • partners who can help in the area of business development and micro business as South Sudan moves from relief (dependence on support from others) to development (independence of support from others)

As the South Sudanese struggle to prepare business plans, there is a lot more training that needs to take place to help in the development of this brand new country.  We are looking for short term teams to help facilitate in these areas.

The Future

As we continue forward in 2014  strategic planning continues as the country struggles with its development and independence.  We depend on God’s guidance as we seek to serve Him in this new country.  We struggle with the desire to see this country grow but at the same time want their dependence to be on God and not us.

On December 15, 2013, horrifying violence broke out in the capital of South Sudan, Juba, and continues to escalate.  International Teams in partnership with Go Ye Africa have been serving the nation to empower the church, providing clean water, small business initiatives, youth programs and much more.  We have had to put this development on hold as people are now experiencing this major crisis, witnessing incredible violence, having fled their homes and are now suffering immensely because of lack of food, clean water, and shelter.  Young girls and boys who should be in school now must learn to spend nights sleeping under the open skies, vulnerable and afraid.  Many are just paralyzed by fear and don’t know what to do next.

International Teams and Go Ye Africa have developed a plan for this phase of the conflict, to help meet some of these urgent needs.  Being one of the very few charitable organizations in a position to respond by providing clean water, food, shelter, blankets, and some other basic needs, we want to be proactive in our response.

Our goal is to raise $25,000.

Thank You

We also want to thank those who sacrificed their time and money to volunteer in the program in Canada and on the ground. South Sudan is still in a delicate state and needs people who are willing to take these sacrificial steps. For this we thank you and God.