Impact Kenya Shangilia: July-December 2013

Information SystemsImpact Kenya-Shangilia, July-December 2013


Impact Kenya-Eldoret is a two-pronged program focused on improving the lives of orphaned and underprivileged children in the Eldoret and Kisumu areas. Shangilia Children’s Home, in Vihiga County in Western Province, is home to over 50 children ranging in age from 1 to 18 years. Seventeen are attending high school, twenty-three in primary school, six in kindergarten, and six are babies. Through Impact Kenya, an additional 130 children at King’s Highway School, located in Eldoret, also receive one hot meal daily. The school, which is private and Christian-based, is intended to provide a better education than can be found in over-crowded public schools.

Having Fun at School

Having Fun at School

Program budget for 2013: $149,684
Program income for 2013: $65,010
Program expenses for 2013: $54,217

Program/Region Facts

Kenya has been devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. For more than two decades, orphaned children were generally cared for by their extended family. However, as many of these relatives have succumbed to the same illness, the number of completely orphaned children is continuing to increase. In the Vihiga region of 22,500 people, more than 5,000 are orphans.

Accomplishments & Highlights

Learning How to Use Computers

Learning How to Use Computers

  •  One of the visiting teams to Shangilia mid-year donated three laptop computers. One laptop is being used at the King’s Highway School which the program also supports, another at Ideleri Secondary School where many children from Shangilia attend, and the final laptop is used at the children’s home. This has enabled kids to learn basic computer skills now that Shangilia has electricity.
New Kitchen Appliances

New Kitchen Appliances


  • The recent completion of bringing electricity to Shangilia has enabled many opportunities to make day-to-day tasks easier. Due to supporter generosity, Shangilia now has a fridge, deep freezer, microwave, and stove that were donated in September. Previously cooking for over 50 children plus staff took place over a fireplace and was time consuming and labor intensive. This has greatly improved the lifestyle at Shangilia.
Finishing Touches on New Home

Finishing Touches on New Home


Construction on Pastor Kefa & Lonika’s new home is very close to completion. After the final touches, Kefa and Lonika will move in to allow their old house to serve as a dining hall, after some much needed renovation. This will provide a place for the children to eat, who currently take their meals outside.

A Kenyan Christmas

A Kenyan Christmas


  • Shangilia finished 2013 celebrating Christmas and reflecting on all the highlights and accomplishments of the year including electricity, new buildings, increased education and more self-sustaining initiatives. Shangilia, meaning ‘rejoice’ in Swahili, is thankful to everyone for making this Christmas wonderful for all the kids and contributing to enriching their lives.


Shangilia Kindergarten Graduation

Shangilia Kindergarten Graduation

The end of the school year marked a special milestone for the Shangilia Kindergarten School. It held its very first graduation for students since opening in 2012. There was eleven students who will be moving onto elementary public school. The recently opened onsite kindergarten has been an effective way to improve academic performance and enable the children to gain valuable foundations for their future studies.

What’s New

New to Shangilia

From Left: Hezron, Dennis, Collins, Chachana, Bernard, Stephen

  • During 2013, Shangilia has welcomed some new children to the home. Hezron is about four years old and was found abandoned on the streets. Dennis and Chachana, seven and eight years old respectively, are siblings from a broken and abusive family. Collins is nine years old, also from the streets and his parents are unknown. Bernard is about ten years old and was rejected by his biological parents. Stephen is a thirteen year old orphan who was living in utmost poverty. All have enjoyed making new friends at the home and are progressing well in studies.
  • Lillian, who was living at Shangilia and since finished school, has a dream to become a nurse. One of the greatest challenges of Shangilia is funding students who graduate high school to go onto post-secondary education. We are excited that Lillian has been able to receive funding and support to pursue nursing, beginning her studies in September 2013. We wish Lillian all the best in her upcoming studies to make her dreams a reality.

Team/Intern Support

  • In July 2013, a team from Minnesota arrived at Shangilia, participating in the ministry at the children’s home and surrounding community.
  • Shortly after, more visitors from the USA arrived to visit the home. The team from Missouri spent time with the children at Shangilia, as well as teaching and ministering in local schools.
  • In August 2013, a group from Germany visited to assist with installing solar power to bring another source of power and energy to the home.

Challenges, Needs & Lessons

  • One of the biggest problems is meeting increasing costs of food, especially during dry season, along with having a sheltered area for the children to eat their food ready for when the rainy season commences. The children continue to have their meals outside and the process of converting Kefa & Lonika’s old home into a dining hall requires funding to assist with renovation and labor costs.
  • Taking Meals Outside

    Taking Meals Outside

    While Shangilia shelters, feeds, educates and cares for over 50 children, there is a number from the local community coming for food and also to attend the kindergarten. Shangilia needs to expand its operations to accommodate these kids, currently using two rooms in the boys dorm as classrooms. New classrooms are required to keep up with growth and plans for three more classrooms are being proposed. In addition, this would require extra teachers and funding is immediately required to support this expansion.

  • A main goal of Shangilia is to provide a brighter future through education. An ongoing need is funding for uniforms, tuition, examination fees, school supplies and textbooks to enable all children receive an education.
  • Another challenge faced is that high unemployment rates in the area make it difficult to find a job following high school and most are unable to afford a college education. What to do with high school graduates is an obstacle to overcome, many are too young to leave on their own, but too old to remain at the home.  Many new initiatives are being explored in regards to internal training based around self-sustaining small business principles. Please consider providing support for college education to a recent high school graduate.

The Future

Impact Kenya-Eldoret is extremely grateful to all our corporate and individual sponsors without whom we could not maintain this program. Impact Kenya-Eldoret plans include:

  • renovating and converting Kefa & Lonika’s old residence into a dining hall for the children
  • continue to work on having electricity available at the boy’s residence, along with upgrading their current facilities
  • seek to hire two or more teachers and build additional classrooms for the Shangilia kindergarten school
  • formulate programs and practical training initiatives for those students who graduate high school
  • being able to eventually purchase a van to use for transportation of children at the home

Thank You

Thank You From Shangilia

Thank You From Shangilia

Through your generous support, Impact Kenya-Eldoret is able to:

  • house, feed, clothe and educate over 50 children
  • provide a daily meal at King’s Highway School for 130 students
  • provide meaningful employment for 16 staff members
  • run day-to-day operations successfully

We are grateful for all the wonderful things God continues to do and are thankful for your continued support in enriching the lives of children at Shangilia.